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HOW ARE YOU? (2022-ongoing)  
When the war began, this phrase sounded a billion times a second throughout Ukraine and far beyond its borders.

Now that time has passed, and in some regions the fighting has stopped, these words sound quite different. Or rather, the answer. It became unbearably difficult to answer.

How are we?

Who am I?

Before the war, I thought I knew the answer to this question. Self-digging seemed to be a sign of intelligence, psychoanalysis every second of my existence seemed to be a reasonable approach to existence. But the war finally brought me to the psychiatrist's office. And I was familiar with the diagnosis of "obsessive-compulsive disorder". I couldn't take more pictures, my thoughts were swallowed up, and the signs of reality were irrevocably mixed with obsessive anxiety. This inner chaos and the feeling of loss of identity mixed with the fear of losing HOME (equally my country) I poured into an uncontrolled collage of the new reality I saw in the suburbs of Kyiv.

Where should I move to cope? Where can I be calm? There is no such place anymore.

*Picture I used in my collages were made with 3-d smartphone scanner (Polycam).